Josephine Liptrott:
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Josephine recently played the title character in a spoof comedy film short, "Ubernanny". To watch this film:

Josephine played Annie Wilkes in a stage version of "Misery". To watch her in the production trailer:


As Constable Campbell in “Women & War: From the West End to the Western Front”

“A woman in the bonnet and uniform of the Woman Police Service; she’s looking for recruits and formidably played by Josephine Liptrott”

As Maudlin in “A Chaste Maid in Cheapside” (Rose Theatre Bankside, March 2015)

“Maudlin (Josephine Liptrott) captured the overbearing parental figure with a fresh approach...”

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“Josephine Liptrott gave an engaging and powerful performance of the pragmatic brains in the marriage.”

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As Annie Wilkes in "Misery" (Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre - October 2011)

"Liptrott's control and focus as Wilkes was commendable... She delivered her stories and instructions with fluidity and stage presence".

As the Soothsayer in "Julius Caesar" (Principal Theatre Company June - Aug 2012)

"Each character is well-defined, and, despite the large cast, everyone has a moment to shine".

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